It’s Not About Us, It's About Him (John 3:22-30)

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He Must Increast

John the Baptist was still baptizing people even after he baptized Jesus and some of his disciples had left him to follow Jesus. His message was still valid. People needed to repent and prepare for the coming Kingdom of God.

I’m not sure what to make of verses 25 and 26. One of John’s disciples got into a dispute with a Jew about purification. When the gospel speaks of the Jews, often it is referring to the Jewish leaders. John the Baptist did not invent baptism, it was practiced by the Jews as a ceremonial washing or purification. Possibly one of the religious leaders was criticizing was John was doing, so his disciples came to him to straighten things out. Why they refer to Jesus is not clear. Perhaps they are saying, “Jesus goes toe-to-toe with the religious leaders and speaks with authority and people are following him because of that. Maybe you should too.”

John holds true to this calling and tells his disciples that it is good for Jesus to increase in popularity. Jesus is the Son of God. He has the truth. He is the source of eternal life.

We all have to remember this. It’s not about us, it’s about Him. I have to remember this. I don’t want people to be attracted to me, I want them to be attracted to Him.

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Article originally posted by Pastor Cliff on Sunday, August 3, 2008.