I Must Decrease So That He Can Increase

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John the Baptist

John 1:29-42

John 1:29-42

An amazing thing happens in verse 37. Two of John’s disciplines leave John and follow Jesus. They do this because of John’s testimony about Jesus. We don’t see John’s reaction to their leaving. I believe that John basically sent them to follow Jesus. He had been saying that his purpose was to point to Christ. Then he sees Christ and says to his disciples, “Hey look, there’s the guy I’ve been preaching about. That’s the Son of God. You should follow him.”

He really lived by "I must decrease so that he can increase." He put God's plan ahead of his own ministry. Most of us might say, "So what?" But, how often do we really put our own desires and agendas aside and really follow God. A good bit of what we do in churches is to try to satisfy our own desires and preferences rather that follow Christ. Church splits and church fights are rarely about how to follow Christ, they are usually about me or my program. We can all learn from John. I must decrease, so that Christ might increase.

Originally posted by Pastor Cliff on Tuesday, July 29, 2008