Peru Missions Trip 2017

Photos & updates will continue to be posted here as they become available. 

Jessy in Peru
My favorite moment of the day was a sweet conversation with Stephanie! While our conversation involved my broken spanish and some help from google translate, it was perfect. Met her while helping with water distribution in a desert town in Peru. Having a wonderful time in Peru! - Jessy

Day 1 Update:
We left Oakland right at 6pm and began our tip to Peru. We made it to Dulles and through check-in and security fairly quickly. We had a couple minutes to grab snacks and then boarded for Lima! 

We had a great first day getting to know the boys. Please pray for us to continue to build relationships with them... so we might share how much God loves them and has great plans for their lives! - Jessy

Day 2 Update
Today we finished our traveling, it was still dark at 530 this morning, when we landed in Lima. We then finished our trip with three bus trips which took us about six hours. The first one took us from the airport to a bus station on the outskirts of the city, then the second one took us all though the capital, Lima, and to Ica. On that trip we saw the landscape change from mountains, to deserts, along the coast line of Peru. Walker loaded all our luggage onto the last bus which took us to the boys home. All 24 boys were waiting for us at the home. They introduced themselves to us and we started playing soccer and catch, almost right away. The boys keep and take care of their own animals including rabbits, ducks, chickens and a falcon. Then we spent the day playing with the boys who stay here, the activities we played with them were soccer, American football, cards, and board games. They prepared chicken and rice for dinner and we enjoyed the yummy meal. We just ended the day with our nightly team meeting which included a Q & A with the house parents about their calling and mission at the home. - Reed, Tim and Joey

Day 3 Update:
Made adobe bricks and participated in drinking water distribution. During the water distribution, we will have the opportunity to share God's love through actions and testimony to a local community. Please pray that we would have boldness in sharing our faith. - Jessy

We delivered water and shared the gospel about THE Living Water to another shanty town in Huacachina. - Danni

Day 4 Update:
Today we had our first early morning devotions. After breakfast with the boys, we resumed our work making adobe bricks. We then worked on bricks for several hours with the a couple of the boys. After lunch several of us continued working on bricks, while the rest of us spent time with the boys. We played Jenga, soccer, cards, and board games. Later in the afternoon, we went to a local shanty town to distribute water. The town was completely surrounded by sand dunes and was covered in pollution. We provided water to many of the local townsfolk and shared the gospel with a woman who had several children. We then came back to the home and watched the movie "The Secret Life of Pets". Tomorrow we will be waking up at 5:30 to go on a boat tour. Please continue to pray for our team.- Joey, Tim, Reed... but mostly Joey

Our team was really blessed to be a part of the job of distributing water from a water truck. We got to speak to many people even if most conversations were in broken Spanish. We are super grateful to our amazing translators who helped us share the gospel, pray with someone, and tell many children "God loves you." It was great to be able to share in a tangible need as many only receive water a couple times a week. 

Please pray for our second half of the week with the boys. We will be doing some fun things tomorrow... we are excited for what surprises our interns have in store for us. -Jessy

Day 5 Update
Today we had an early day starting at 5:30. We got on the bus and traveled to the ocean where we went on a boat tour. The boat tour lasted about an hour and on the tour we went out to an island were we saw many birds including one penguin. We then traveled back to Ica and ate at a local restaurant. Then we came back to the Scripture Union where we spent most of the rest of the day playing with the boys. The day was ended with us having Bible study with the boys, using the English to Spanish bibles from Mr. Franklin. Then we had a worship session, closing with our nightly devotions. -Tim and Reed

We traveled to see the Isles of Paracas on a speed boat tour. We learned about the animals that reside there, like pelicans, penguins, and sea lions. Most enjoyed the trip... some got a little motion sick! We enjoyed lunch at a chicken place and tried some Peruvian cuisine, like "Chicha Morada" (purple corn drink), lemon grass limeade, and sweet potato donuts. We went to a famous chocolate shop next and got a some sweet treats for our wonderful translators. Our last item on our touristy day in Ica had to be cancelled, but we greatly enjoyed more time with the boys and preparing for VBS/HPS.

Our evening was amazing! We had worship time with the boys... but due to "technical difficulties" we had to wait a very long time for the music to begin. The team opened their Spanish/English bibles and began sharing verses with the boys. It was a very powerful moment followed by powerful worship when it was really time for the music to begin. We loved dancing and singing with the boys and hugged them goodnight before our team devotions.

Our team decided to form a band and we ended up with 6 instruments (courtesy of the boys home). Chris lead the team with devotions and we ended the night with fellowship outside our bungaloes. Adios. - Jessy, Joy, and Faith

Pray for our work day and Peruvian Independence Day celebrations tomorrow.

Jessy has a huge praise- the youth on our team are doing amazing in all aspects... but walking into the dinner room and seeing all of the teens with open Bibles reading to the boys was one of the most amazing moments of the trip so far. God is so good!

Day 7 Update
"Today we woke up and prepared for HPS, and went over to one of the towns we distributed water to earlier in the week. The VBS went very well - we had about 50 kids. Afterwards we came back to the Scripture Union for lunch. At 4:00, we went back to the sand dune, for the people who didn't make it the first time. We then went back to Scripture Union, where we had a going away party. tomorrow we will be heading back to Lima where we will stay at a hotel for our remaining days in Peru.-Tim and Reed
and not joey"

Our going away party tonight was very special. They decorated the courtyard and had a dance party for us. They thanked us many times for coming and most of our team got to opportunity to tell the boys how much we loved visiting them and were so glad to have gotten to know them.

Tomorrow we head to church, then pack up for Lima. In Lima we will be visiting the Hope House for girls and then returning home Wednesday morning.

Please pray for us as we travel back to Lima and then home.
Please pray for us to have an impactful day at the Hope House. - Jessy

Day 3 04
Waiting for the plane
Bus in Peru
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