Hands of Hope

Helping foster care and families in the local communities.

Hands of Hope - licensed for reuse

Hands of Hope is an important ministry of Oakland Baptist Church that focuses on adoptive families, foster families, orphans, and birth parents. 

We have established a lending closet and invite you to be a part of it. The lending closet stores common supplies that children need for daily life. When a foster family brings a new child into their home, the child often has very little or nothing with them. Sometimes they aren't even wearing shoes when they show up. The lending closet works with social services and foster parents to provide a few basic items the day a family receives a placement. This allows the family to settle into a new routine and the child can get to know the new family without having to rush out to the store for basic needs.

Please consider donating to this ministry as the number of children in foster care is steadily rising as the drug epidemic continues to run rampant. 

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